The purpose of this paper is how could people’s trust in the recommendation systems(RS) be enhanced by looking at consumer’s willingness of accepting the recommendations provided by RSs. First of all, we confirmed that trust is the key element in this relationship. In order to increase the trustworthiness, the use of RSs involved one of the most popular derivatives in the current online world - net influencers to be part of the system. The results show that influencers would be a powerful tool for many businesses and platform vendors. With collaboration with appropriate influencers, such as fit to the industry theme, brand competence, the influencers fame impact, etc., would largely increase the trust in automatically offered recommendations, gives a larger possibility that consumer would at least take the recommended product or brand into consideration set and learned more relevant information about them, which bring benefit to companies. For the platforms(e-commerce, social media, third-party recommendation sites, etc.), foster own influencers would provide much more business opportunities, improves its visibility and influence. Moreover, as a consumer, the new system could provide you information overload reduction, an advance evaluation made by other influential consumers before purchasing and trust. In conclusion, the adoption of the “curator system” would promote, purify, and beautify the online shopping environment.

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